The Soft Matter Group, headed by Professor Gwynn Elfring, is part of the Laboratory for Complex & Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow. We conduct research into the mechanics of soft matter systems. Soft matter (or complex fluids) describes materials that display behaviour that is both solid-like and fluid-like (squishy), oftentimes because there is a microstructure in that changes under an applied stress. This is particularly important in biophysics (cells are soft, or squishy), but also in many industrial and geophysical contexts. We have a particular focus on modelling and simulation of active matter. The methods of inquiry used are typically those of applied mathematics, namely asymptotic analysis or numerical methods. Our interdisciplinary research very much sits at the interface between applied mathematics, physics, engineering and biology.

If you are interested in joining our soft matter research group, whether as an undergraduate or graduate student, or as a postdoctoral scholar, please contact Dr. Elfring.